PLEASE Note, The Pre Season discount was available during the months of November and December only.


MAIN MX TRACK/MINI TRACK Primary member $550.00 ea additional

Associate Member $150.00 ea additional

MINI TRACK Only Primary Member $250.00 Ea additional

Associate Member $100.00 ea additional

Please make checks payable and mail to;

MX 207 PO Box 207 East Waterboro, ME 04030


2014 Maine State Motocros Championship Video

Click on the preview above to see a short clip put together by Danny from the MSMXC, you might even be in it!



Looking for something different to do in in Southern Maine? Come on over to Lyman and check out the Go Kart and Lawnmower races at the Bartlett Bridge Raceway (located at MX 207). It's a great way to entertain your family for the day. It's only Five bucks to get in and you can stay for the whole day. There's plenty of parking and a snack bar serving breakfast and lunch. The Kart and Mower series brings the fastest racers in New England so be ready to be amazed!


Bartlett Bridge Raceway (BBR) is the Official name of the facility that will be hosting all the racing events on the 1/10 mile clay flat track. BBR and MX 207 are both part of Competition Park located at 53 Bartlett Bridge Road in Lyman, ME. Please be aware that the mailing address is different. It is SSMX, LLC PO Box 207 East Waterboro, ME 04030

Race Results along with BBR Championship Points can be found on the BBR website.

www.bartlettbridgeraceway.com is the official website for BBR.


Updates and Race information will be on the 24 Hr Hotline - 207 247 3043 and also on the Facebook page of "Bartlett Bidge Raceway".


Check this track out. Big Race schedule in the works for 2014. See the race schedule on the website.



MX 207 accepts MASTERCARD AND VISA for your convenience

In Memory of Mike Jenkins MX207 track groomer and friend

As most of you already know and for those that don't know, Mike passed away on October 4, 2014 after a long fight with cancer. The Motocross community, and MX 207 especially, has lost a legendary contributor to the sport, a great guy and a really good friend to all the Stuarts along with everyone that knew Mike.


MX 207 has plans to dedicate "The Hill" to Mike as this was his preferred place to watch and monitor the race activities, always ready to jump on the dozer to fix a problem during the race day. The many riders that Mike helped along the way knew where to look for that eye contact while sailing through the air over the spectator jump. The area to the right of the Spectator Jump will always be "Mikes Hill" and this is where we will erect a memorial to him. Most likely a Flag Pole and Plaque in his name. Mike gave me a big flag years ago that belonged to his father and I always intended to put it up in the First Turn but I think "Mikes Hill" would be more appropriate now.


Dozer Dude has always been a term commonly used at MX and SX races around the Country but Mike has elevated that term to a much higher level in New England. Mike raised the standard of grooming in New England to unprecedented levels, leaving not a track mark or a wind row on the entire course. All this at night in the dark. We had a term for this. The track was "Jenkinized".


Another little known fact is that Mike was the one respondsible for the fireworks displays over the years. It was his idea and he would go and get them in New Hampshire, pay for them, set them up, then set them off and then clean every thing up the next day. Usually with no acknowlegment from everyone that enjoyed them. It was truly "his thing".


Mike was also the person respondsible for the "S Turn". I remember the night he came up with that idea. Thought it was kind of lame at the time but we built it and I have to say that it turned out to be the most competitive section of the whole course. There have been more races won or lost there than anywhere else.


Mike will be missed by all who knew him.